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Colectalia Coins is a division of Colectallia.com


It is not possible to combine orders of Colectalia Coins and Colectalia Stamps, as packaging is different for each store (coins are shipped in protective enveloppes not suitable for stamps). For this reason, if you want to buy lots from both stores, you will have to sign up in both of them.

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Colectalia Coins is a brand of Colectalia Stamps, a well known stamp store specializing in Spanish civil war stamps and postal history, with more than 10 years experience. Visit our stamp store at colectalia.com


All coins are guaranteed original. Returns will be accepted with no time limit for any piece proven not genuine.

Descriptions are accurate, and Sear & RIC (Roman Imperial Coinage) catalogue numbers are provided for any of them (except for barbarous radiates).